The Changes of the Mid-1900s

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The Changes of the Mid-1900s

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The Changes of the Mid-1900s

Technology and Science during the Mid - 1900's

The Tuskegee Airman

Civil and Equal Rights

Connotation of the word Hog:

Music ' Literature of the Era

2 Literary Terms

During the times of the mid - 1900's, America was not as it is today. However, the events occured is what led America to be what it is today. For example, the Jim Crow laws, which began in 1896 and lasted through 1954, was a document in which protrayed discrimination towards the African-American race. Additionally, it showed the difference of what the white people can do, and what the black people could not do. For instance, one law from the documents states,“It shall be unlawful for a negro and white person to play together or in company with each other in any game of cards or dice, dominoes or checkers” (National Museum of American History, Behring Center). This law demonstrates 0ne of the many laws that the Jim Crow laws contains, which represents a time period where people embraced discrimination. Additionally, one can time travel back to a place where even children were not allowed to play with each other if they were not of same color.


When Ms. Emma uses the term hog, she means the word hog used an insult. The hog used to tell someone they are beneath you, that they are a dirty unsanitary animal unworthy of being a called a human, dwelling on the same level of other civil humans.

There were many advances in the industry of science and technology during the times of 1950's. For example, first X-ray diffraction demonstrated the regular structure of DNA. Additionally, the electron microscope was intoduced, as well as the synthetic cortisone was invented.

There is no question that there was no stress on civil and equal rights during the 1950's. The community of African - Americans was majorly looked down upon, as laws became intoduced that exibited discrmmination towards African-Americans. For instance, children of the same color could not play with each other, and people with the same color could not drink water from the same water fountain. In all, there was not major civil and equal rights movement until Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks.

Martin Luther's speech, and his fight for civil rights foreshadows the future of America, since it changes the views of how the African-American should be treated.

Rosa Park's refusal to sit in the back of bus opens the door to the inpsiration of uprisings during the 1950's.

They were America’s very first black military airman. Coming from every part of the country, they showed citizens that African American people have intelligance, skill, courage, and patriotism. None of the requirements were lowered for thosetrying to become a pilot. These brave men trained at the Tuskegee Army Field in Tuskegee, Alabama. The first class began in July 1941 and ended in March 1942. Out of the thirteen who started, five graduated and all those who graduated received Army Air Corps silver pilot wings. Then from 1942-1946, 992 pilots graduated and received commissions and piltot wings. They did many air patrols and combat and such aroung Africa and Europe. The Tuskegee Airman had very low bomber losses as well. The Airman were so diligent and succesful that fewer enemy fighter chlallenges destroyed or damaged the group. Overall by the end of their endeavors there was no racial segregation in the military forces, in 1948 even President Truman enacted the Executive Order Number 9981, directing the equality in treatmen and oppurtuntiy in the forces . Like every other American, the Tuskegee Airman took the call to defend their country, and helped end parts of inequality they lived with all their life.

Top song of the year 1950-Goodnight Irene by Gordon Jenkins and The WeaversTop book of the year1950-The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. LewisTop movie of the year 1950-Cinderella by Disney


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    We love the organization and the background on here, it's so cool. There's a ton of info, but it's gucci, because we learn a lot.
    Cinderella is my favorite movie and princess.
    I like the step mom -Ashley

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    Grace your golg is amazing! I love the background picture and I like the way you have a black and white background and then then a tan color theme as well. Nice pictures and excellent information. Great organization.

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    Grace & Arman* lol

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    It was interesting to know that "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and "Cinderella" the film came out during the fifties. The Background is really cool and looks great the time period the movie is set in.

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    We like how the picture were use along side with the text box and the background really standout.
    there also a lot of great information about movies.

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    The glog captures the attention of the readers. It provides them with much knowledge of the time period this book was written in.

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