The central market

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The central market

The first stone was placed in 1492, was constructed Pere Compte, citizen of Valencia, engineer and architect at the same time, between 1483 and 1498 and it belongs to the Gothic style. The Strap consists of three clearly differentiated bodies and a garden or " court of orange trees ". The Lounge Columnary or Room of Contracting is divided in three longitudinal ships and five cross streets, depending on eight exempt columns that support the vaults. His height of 17,40 mts transmits a singularity to the columns.

The consulate

At present, Buy Head office it is an important economic area in the city of Valencia, both for the activity of the merchants and for the numerous visits that it receives i acts that are organized.

The Central Market of Valencia occupies exactly a surface of 8.160 square meters, divided in two zones or polygons. The first one of them is irregular, with a surface of 6.760 square meters. Other one is octogonal and is destined for the fish market with an extension of 1.400 square meters. The basement tea 7.690 square meters. Former it is goes to dedicate to the auction of the fish and nowadays is in use as parking. The Central Market of Valencia groups almost 400 independent merchants, mobilizing in the daily activity 1.500 present. It is the major one centre d'Europa dedicated to the speciality of fresh products and the first market of the world that goes to confront creep of the computerization of you they sell and distribution to domicile, des of the 2nd d'octubre of 1996.

Secret message

The inscription, in Latin, says this way: " famous House I am in fifteen years built-up. Compatricios, try and see cuan well it is the trade that does not use fraud in the word, which he swears to the neighbor and it is not necessary, that it does not give his money with usury. The merchant who lives thus will overflow of wealths and will enjoy, finally, the eternal life. "

The strap and the central market

The strap

It consists of a block of eight windows, one of them blocked up. The decoration of this area consists below every window with the shield of the city, whereas in the top part two medallions are situated and to the same height, the gargoyles place and finally like finish off the battlements the sunflower.

The central market

It was constructed by Francesc Guàrdia i Road and Alexandre Soler i March in the year 1914 of modernist style


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