The Cellar

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The Cellar

By : Natasha Preston

The Cellar

Theme/LessonLesson: To believe that you can succeed in something you first have to know that all believe that it can happen Theme: What doesnt kill you will only make you stronger

Characters* Summer Robinson* Colin Brown ( Clover ) The Kidnapper*Lewis- Summers boyfriend*Rose*Poppy *Violet* Summers mom, dad, and brother



Overall thoughts about the book

When sixteen year old Summer Robinson goes missing, everyone in the community tried to help and find her with no traces knowing that she would never just run away. A thirty year old man named Colin Brown was waiting at the park when Summer was there out looking for her friend when he took her. Colin, who calls himself Clover, kidnapped Summer and took her home and threw her in his cellar. The cellar had three other girls already in there and they explained to Summer who was now Lily what was going on. As time went on Lily figured out that Rose, Poppy, Violet and herself were his perfect family and his flowers and he thought he was saving them from everyone else by doing this. Lily also knows he will do whatever it takes to do what he wants. After almost a year of searching, the police with the help of Summers boyfriend and brother, they finally found the girls and locked away Colin Brown.

Two vocabulary terms that I thought related to this book were,Flashback- Scene in a movie, play, short story, novel, or narrative poem that interrupts the present action of the plot to flash backwards and tell what happened at the earlier times.In the book, flashback was used when the kidnapper clover started to think about things, he would have flashbacks to when he first got all of his flowers ( the girls) and he would have flashbacks about his mother and all the times that they spent together. These flahbacks happened periodically throught the book. Suspense- A feeling of uncrtainty or exciment and anxietyIn the book, suspence was used whenever clover would go down to the basement or anything he did because whatever he did was major and you were exited to keep reading to find out what he does or if the girls would risk their lives to try to escape. Another example is whenevr clover brought a new girl down you never knew what he was going to do with her.

Overall I thought the book was really well written and I would recommend for others to read. The only thing I didnt care for was that there were lots of incorrect grammer, puncuation and wording. The last thing I didnt care for was the ending, it felt as Natasha Preston could had gone on but just ended when nothing was happening and it doesnt leave you in suspension for more.


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