The Cell Organelles

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Cell Biology

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The Cell Organelles

NucleusThe nucleus is the "brain" of the cell. It controls the actions of all of the other organelles. It also contains the DNA of the organism.

NucleolusThe nucleolus is inside the nucleus and creates rhibosomes. It is where all of the cell's DNA is found

ProteinsProteins are the building blocks of life. All cells make and are made of proteins.They are necessary for life.

Cell MembraneThe cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell.

LysosomesLysosomes are the clean up crews of the cells. They help digest waste and dying/dead organelles

CytoplasmThe cytoplasm fills the cell. It controles he cell's metabolism and is a place wear chemical reactions occure.

The ERThis is the site of cellular chemical reactions. The ER moves materials and lipids throughout the cell.

MitochondriaThe Mitochondria is the power source of the cell. It creates ATP whish helps the cell preform everyday functions

RibosomesThe Ribosome makes protein for the cell.

Golgi BodyThe Golgi Body prepadres the nutrients/protein and sends them out throughout the cell


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THE CELL ORGANELLESNicholas Gwin And Liccie Delgado


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