The Cell Cycle

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The Cell Cycle

The Cell Cycle

Step two of Mitosis: Metaphase-The chromosomes line up agianst the equator of the cell.

Stage one: Interphase-The DNA/Chromosomes are copied.-The cell cannot survive without this phase.

Step four of Mitosis: Telephase-The chromosomes unwind and the fibers disappear. Mitosis complete.

Stage three: Cytokinesis-The cytoplasm splits in two.-These two new cells are identical.-The process of the cell cycle begins again.

The cell cycle IPMATC=Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telephase, and Cytokinesis.

Stage two: Mitosis Step one: Prophase-The nuclear membrane disappears by the end of prophase.-Centrioles go to different sides of the cell.

Step three of Mitosis: Anaphase-The chromosomes are driving on opposite sides of the cell.-This causes the cell to start to look almost like a peanut.

By: Caroline Kroeninger


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