the cell animal vs plant

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the cell animal vs plant

Charlene Zuba G

Animal Cell

Plant Cell

Animal V.S. Plant Cells

The Plant CellThe endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, mitochondrion, nucleus, nucleolus, cytoplasm & cell memebrane are the same in plants as they are in animals.-Cell Wall: only found in plants, keeps the cell's shape, protects the cell, & made of cellulose.-Chloroplast: only found in plants, where photosynthesis (light energy --> chemical energy) takes place.-Central Vacuole: storage, breaks down waste, hydrolysis of macromolecules. (similar to lysosomes in animals)

-Endoplasmic reticulum: smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER) & the rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER). -SER: doesn't have ribosomes attached to it, forms lipids.-RER: has ribosomes attached to it, forms proteins.-Golgi Apparatus: modifys & sends proteins to where they need to go.-Lysosome: hydrolytic enzymes that break down waste & cellular debris.-Nucleolus: inside the nucleus, contains DNA & ribosomes.-Cell Membrane: keeps the shape of the protein & regulates what goes in & out of the cell.

In this short video, they will give the similarites & differences between both plant cells & animal cells. Diagrams of both cells are included in order to help visually understand the different cells.

The Animal Cell



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