The Cay

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The Cay

setting- the cay island in the devils mouth

climax- Phillip and Timothy are stuck on a cay

theme- skin color doesn't matter in friendship

conflict- Phillip and his moms boat gets shot by a missile and Phillip looses his mom and is on a raft with Timothy and becomes blind

protagonist- the Germans

resolution- Phillip is rescued and he gets surgery to see again

genre- realistic fiction

point of view- Phillips point of view

After a while, I looked over toward Timothy's grave. I said, '' Why didn't you take us with you?''

Maybe I wont know it by sight, but when I go ashore and close my eyes, I'll know this was our own cay.

The CayBy: Theodore TaylorBrooke Brengartner #6-Browns

Characterization-Phillips Mom- Phillips mom is very protective over her familys safety. She is very worried about the war and wants to leav Curacao to get away from it.

Characterization-Phillips Dad- Phillips dad says that Phillip and his mother have nothing to worry about the war. He is calm and thinks of others before himself.



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