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The Cay


The Cay

Favorite Quote or Passage

Philip and Timothy are both protagonists in this book. Philip is the person telling this book in first person. Philip is spoiled, such as when he is hitting Timothy and blaming this on him on page 46. Philip is also very adaptable, throughout the book he goes through changes in belief, for example his parents taught him to not like African Americans. But, as he becomes blind and sees who Timothy really is he learns that they are no different than him, and proof of that is on page 123. Timothy is comforting on page 56 when they are on the raft and Philip becomes blind. Timothy is consoling him and telling him that it is probably only temporarily. Timothy is also a very strong man, on page 78 during the hurricane Timothy was holding Philip to a tree to protect him and he was fighting off the hurricane. The antagonist would be considered mother nature because of the hurricane.

The Cay is a wonderful book about a boy named Philip who gets lost in sea with a man named Timothy. They were on a boat called the S.S. Hato and it got hit by Germany and sank. Philip goes through adventures trying to survive and overcome his blindness. Philip is lucky to have an awesome guardian like Timothy and if it wasn’t for him Philip would not have survived.

In most of the book the setting takes place on an island in the Pacific Ocean. This island is deserted and goes through hurricanes from time to time. Without this type of setting the book would not be as exciting and it would not have a survival sensation to it. The time period is back in World War II and this gives the book a more enthusiastic point of view.

The main conflict is that Philip and Timothy get stuck on an island and they have to survive until someone can help them. The time is World War II, so everyone is busy and low on resources. The resolution is that they just survive until a schooner comes and picks them up.





Philip and Timothy just arrive to the island. (Philip is blind)

To me the theme of this book was to accept people for who they are and never give up. Philip had to accept Timothy, even though he had a different skin color. Also if either one of them gave up they would not have survived.

The author is Theodore Taylor and it is a realistic fiction book.

The front cover of the book.

Theodore Taylor, the author of The Cay.


One symbol is a cat named Stew Cat, he symbolizes bad luck and a demon to Timothy. This is important because it has a lot of drama and it shows that Philip has a lot of feelings for animals.

Figurative Language

On page 111 Philip says that “In my days of darkness I had learned that holding a hand could be like medicine.” This is a simile and it means that Philip has been through alot and he understands that having someone there for you is always good.


This book is an easy read, but has a wonderful meaning and would be great for a little bit of younger kids.

This picture shows Timothy and Philip on the boat.

On page 36-37 Philip’s mom quotes “They are not the same as you, Philip. They are different and they live differently. That’s the way it must be.” I like this quote because it shows that Philip’s mom has taught him to not like people with a different skin color as them, but Philip can still understand that they are the same.


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