[2017] Kellie Rang (Mr. Vann's Gate3): The Cay Book report

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[2017] Kellie Rang (Mr. Vann's Gate3): The Cay Book report

The CayBy: Theodore Taylor



Humanity vs NatureThe theme humanity vs. nature is like how Phillip and Timothy had to survive on the raft in the middle of the ocean and on the island. Also, they had to learn different skills to survive and Timothy had to save Phillip from dying from the hurricane.


Phillip Enright- The main character of the story and who got stranded with a character named Timothy on a raft.Timothy - A guy who saved Phillip and teached him survival skills and how to survive in the wild and saved Phillip from dying.Stew Cat - The cat who was with Phillip and Timothy when they were stranded. Timothy thought that Stew Cat was bad luck.

Curacao - The small island that was being attacked and where Phillip started off at the beginning of the story.The unknown island - The place where Timothy and Phillip were stranded.

The author, Theodore Taylor, was borned on June 23, 1921, was an American author of more than 50 fiction and non-fiction books for young adult readers. He had sadly died on October 26, 2006.

About The Author


Phillip's boat got torpedoed and he got stranded on a raft with a guy named Timothy and Stew Cat the cat. Phillip at first, hated Timothy, then, he started to like him. They soon found an island and Timothy teached Phillip some survival skills. Then, there were bad things happening. Also, there was a hurricane and Timothy died by the hurricane saving Phillip from getting hurt. Then, Phillip buried Timothy. Soon, days past and some airplanes pasted by and Phillip was usually ignored until, he made a darker smoke and Phillip was rescued. As days past by, Phillip hanged out with the people who knew Timothy and haven't talked to Henrik van Boven that much and Phillip wishes to visit the island that he was once stranded on and he wish to see Timothy.


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