The Causes, Events and Effects of the French Revolution

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The Causes, Events and Effects of the French Revolution

Causes of the French Revolution

Effects of the French Revolution

Events of the French Revolution

The Causes , Events and Effects of The French Revolution

The nepotism towards the nobles and clergy caused the peasants and lower class to protest. People categorized in the Third Estate had to pay higher taxes due to bankruptcy and disapproved. The third Estate not being represented fairly pushed towards the French RevolutionThe Economics of France also lead to the French Revolution. The government was suffering from bankruptcy and was able to efficiently come out of bankruptcy. Also, France was unable to properly resolve problems in an ingratiating manner.The ideas of John Locke and Baron Montesquieu were another cause of the French Revolution. The French helped the Americans during their fight for freedom. Using the Ideas from Locke and Montesquieu the Americans declared their Independence. Seeing that the Americans received there independence due to the help of theses Enlightenment ideas, the French followed in the American footsteps.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizens was declared on 1789 by the National Assembly. The Declaration removed the feudal system and gave equal rights to all people. Liberty, Equality and fraternity was the set belief for the citizens of French.Due to the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte rose and seized France. Bonaparte started off as a French officer and as he was given more power he became greedy and labeled himself as Emperor. Throughout his time of ruling Bonaparte stuck many battles with other European countries. By April of 1804 allied nations of Europe Forced Napoleon to surrender and they exiled him to Elba. Yet, Bonaparte escaped, overthrew King Louis XVII, and picked new fights. His time of ruling ended with his defeat from the British and he was again exiled to St. Helena.The Revolution leads to manslaughter and death of many. After the Reign of Terror and the uprising of Napoleon, many had lost their lives. The French Revolution was a horrific time period of the French because of the countless murder just for freedom.

The Reign of Terror Lasted from 1793-1794.Maximilien Robespierre lead this gruesome bloodshed in which he beheaded anyone who supported the Ancien Regemi using the guillotine.The bloodshed started with King Louis XVI and ended with the people who started the Reign of Terror.Another event during the French Revolution was the storming of Bastille. Bastille was a fortress prison in which a mob full of angry Parisians lashed out on July 4th 1789. Many were captured and became prisoners of this Prison. Today July 4th 1789 is considered the French Independence day and is called Bastille Day.Along with the civil wars in 1795 came food shortages. Many soldiers were fighting during this time which called for an abundance amount of food. Since food was becoming more and more scares a law was made and stated that anyone stashing food was immediately slaughtered.


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