[2013] Meagan Black (Class of 2017): The castle in the attic

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[2013] Meagan Black (Class of 2017): The castle in the attic

The Castle in the AtticBy : Elizabeth Winthrop

There once was a maid named Mrs.Phillips, a boy named Will, and a shrunken Knight named Sir Simon. Mrs. Philps left for England, her home, because she was home sick.

As a goodbye gift Mrs. Phillips gave Will a small castle. She left it in the attic untill she left.

After will looked at the castle for a while, he heard a voice.

Mrs.Phillips showed Will the gift before she left for England.

The voice Will heard was a small knight named Sir simon. He got small by a witch's curse.

Sir simon did not know why he got this curse. Will is trying to figure out why.

After a few days of investigating he found that the witch shrunk Lady Elinore also.

By: Meagan Black

Lady Elinore and Sir Simon are in love

Will got the key to reverse the curse. Will gave the key to Sir Simon.

The key did reverse the curse. They are back to their normal size.

Will had to say goodbye to Lady Elinore and Sir Simon . They were going across the Atlantic ocean.


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