The Case Against Soda

by jvale010
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The Case Against Soda

The Case Against Soda

Main Idea



Look at what can happen!

Details and Evidence

To Support The Main Idea

Soda can cause you to put on pounds because you can get 500 calories a day from a couple cans of soda.Soda dosen't give you any nutrition.Soda is bad for your teeth. Sugar is known to cause tooth decay.Soda has hidden dangers. It contains somthing called phosphoric acid.Soda is bad for the growth and the strengths of your bones because it can cause an inbalance of the minerals calcium and and phosphourus.

More Details and Evidence

For Extra Credit

1-Soda can cause a host of health problems like: obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, breathing problems and sleep disturbances.2-Soda contains artificial sweeteners that makes you crave more. 3-Soda has more hidden dangers like formaldehyde and potassium benzoate which are also bad for your body.4-Soda contains food dyes that causes impaired brain function, hyperactive behavior, difficulty focusing, and lack impulse control.5-Soda contains an ingredient called high fructose corn syrup. It increases body fat, cholestrol and triglycerides. It also makes you hungry.

Soda is not that good for you.

Several states have passed laws limiting or eliminating vending machines in schools.Soda is okay to drink but moderation is best.

So what now?

What is being done to prevent soda being available everywhere?Do we give up soda forever?



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