The Caribbean

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The Caribbean

The tourism industry generates waste and brings in money. There are many earthquakes, hurricanes, and storms. Natural resources include crude oil, clay, and limestone.

People travel on foot, by taxi, bus, boat/ferry, and bicycle. Goods are moved by bus and boat. Ideas are newspapers, news, and CaribShout (social media).

Some cultural costums include Carnival and Junkanoo Festival. Popular sports include rugby, soccer, and car racing. Main languages spoken are English, Spanish, and Dutch. Common foods are coconut shrimp, chicken , steak, and key lime pie.

The Caribbean is South of the USA. It is also north of South America, and west of Latin America. The latitude and longitude is approximaltly 18 degrees N and 17 degrees W.





Human-Environment Interaction

In the summer/fall it is wet and hot and in the winter/spring it is dry and warm. There is lots of sugarcane, bananas, coffee, tobacco, and citrus. A few of resort areas are: Atlantis, Hotel Maroma, and Parrot Cay.

The Caribbean

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