The Caribbean

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The Caribbean

Welcome to Paradise!

Population: 39.17 million

LocationThe center of the Caribbean is 20°N, 71°W. It is North of South America and Southeastern of Florida.

PlaceThere are many diverse holidays in the Caribbean. For example, Maroon Day in Jamaica, which is celebrated as a tribute to Maroons, who are freed slaves that fled to Jamaica. Or Carnival, a huge festival held the day before Lent. Sports in the Caribbean include baseball, netball, cricket, tennis, soccer, and surfing. People in the Caribbean speak English, Spanish, French, and Dutch. Some of the most popular foods in the Caribbean are coconut shrimp, jerk chicken pasta, chicken kabobs, key lime pie, and lots of unique seafood.

MovementVehicles in the Caribbean include cars, planes, bikes, boats, and cruises. Goods are moved from place to place in ships, trucks, and planes. Some newspapers in the Caribbean are Caribbean Week, Haitian Times, and The Grenadian Voice.

Human Environment InteractionThe tourism industry makes a lot of money for the Caribbean and creates more job oppurtunities, but it increases pollution and pushes up property prices. Environmental/Natural Hazards are eathquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, torrential rains, and storm surges. Natural resources include nickel, iron, bauxite, petroleum, and timber.

Calypso Music from the Caribbean

RegionsThe climate is tropical to moderated. Vegetation types in the Caribbean include corals, seagrass, algae, mangroves, tropical fruits, trees, and flowers. Resort areas in the Caribbean include Hyatt Regency (Aruba), Caneel Bay (British Virgin Islands), and the Four Seasons Resort (St. Kitts and Nevis).The different regions are the Bahamian, the Greater Antilles, the Eastern Caribbean, and the Southern Caribbean. There is a diversity of languages in all of the regions.

FUN FACTThe Caribbean is made up of more than 700 islands, inlets, reefs, and caves.


Fried PlantainsYou will need:5 tbsp of oil3 cups of cold water1 plantain (peeled and in slices)What to do:1. Heat the oil in a skillet2. Place the plantain slices in the skillet (3 1/2 minutes per side)3. Remove plantains from pan, then put them on a paper towel and flatten them with a plate4. Dip them in the water, then return them to the pan and fry them again (this time 1 minute per side)5. Salt to taste, serve immediately

FUN FACTJamaica was the scene of the first James Bond movie, Dr. No.

FUN FACTOnly about 2% of the islands are inhabited.


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