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the-CARE organization

The CARE Organizationby: Juliette Mercier and Maddie Gauthier

Mission StatementTo serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the world

Volunteer Opportunities-become an advocate to inform people about poverty-You can do CARE mission work in poverty stricken communities-mission work includes distributing food, building house, and providing clean drinking water-you can raise money or donate to the CARE organization

HistoryIn 1945, 22 American non-profit organizations came together to send care packages to survivers of WWII. Since then, CARE has continued to be a leading figure in helping those stuggling in poverty.

Why YOU should helpYou should help CARE becuase of the vast majority of work they do to support the impoverished. CARE supports womens' rights, responds to emergencies, provides better health care and clean water is helping to end world hunger and is working to educate all.

Who does CARE supportThe CARE organization helps with women's empowerment, world hunger, child marriage and many more other things.


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