The canal System

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The canal System

By laying on the barge and walking along the tunnel walks men working a barge could leg the barge through a tunnel. The horse would be walked over the hill that the tunnel went through and meet up with the barge on the other side. This process is called legging.

Some of the Greatest innovaters of the Canal were James Brindley of England,Chhiao Wei-Yo of China, and Francis Egerton also o England. Their countries had a great debate about which country is responsible for the creation of the Canal lock.

The Canal lock is one of the most useful inventions ever! They help trade barges move up and down hills that the canals run through by releasing and closing gates to let water flow so the boat can travel up the hill.

Crazy Canals

The barge goes in through the first gate, which is open. Then the first gate closes, once both gates are closed, the second one opens up. This lets in the water and this raises up the water level. Once the water is all even, the second gate opens all the way so that the boat can passs through. Look below for a pictoral representation.

A series of locks in the Erie Canal

Diagram of the Canal lock

Five rise Locks in Bingley, West Yorkshire- England

British canal during WWI

Canal Lock diagram 1

Canal Lock diagram 2

Canal Lock


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