The Canadian Red Cross

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The Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross

Is the Canadian Red Cross a government run organization? Why?Answer: Yes, the Canadian Red Cross is a government run fund to support world issues. This is because without the government funding, there would be no organization. The government made the organization to help solve world issues (the earthquake in Nepal etc.), without the government help fund it; the organization is almost nothing.

Is the Candian Red Cross helping or hurting?Answer: The Canadian Red Cross is helping, without the Canadian Red Cross funding and helping the countries in need than world issues would get worse and that would make the world a worse place. It is in the Canadian Red Crosses hands to help fund and provide for the world issues. Because they are a very important organization. In conclusion the Canadian Red Cross.

By: Avery Hill

Should Canada continue to be involved in this organization?Answer: OF COURSE! Without Canada supporting the organization, it would fail without us. This is because it is a Canadian run organization. The Canadian Government funds the organization so pretty much it is really import that Canada keeps helping. Anyways the more people the better! It is called the Canadian Red Cross for a reason!

A Short Introduction To The Canadian Red Cross... The Canadian Cross is a Canadian Government run organization that helps solve world issues. In 1896 the organization was founded by George Ryerson so that it could provide help and healthcare to people around the world. The Canadian Red Cross is funded by the Canadian Government. That is a very brief overview of the Canadian Red Cross.

George Ryerson

How can I donate?Anyone can donate to the Canadian Red Cross on their website! To get to their website use this ULR:

Does this organization have a short term or long term affect?Answer: This organization has a long term affect! All the people who are living in Nepal need help re-building buildings. That has a long term affect because many new generations of people living in Nepal will sometime use those new buildings!

What opinions do you have about this organization?Answer: I think that this organization is brilliant! I think this because it helps solve world issues! It also has a very positive impact on our world! It helps people in need! I LOVE this organization and I would definatly donate in the future to this organization! It is great what they do and the more organizations that help the world, the better!

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