The Camps During The Holocaust

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World War II

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The Camps During The Holocaust

The first concentration camp is Dachau in 1933 when Hitler took power.

Adolf Hitler is leader of the Nazi Party in 1933 and takes over Germany.People hated him for the hatred of Jews.He killed over 11 million people and 6 million of the people he killed were Jews

Concentration camps were gaurded by barbed wire,guards,and watchmen on tall towers..Prisoners of the camps lived crowded inside shacks and slept on bunk beds.And were poorly treated with a customary food schedule.

When Jews were brought to "concentration camps" the Jews were not always going to concentration camps.There were many different types of camps.There were concentration camps, extermination camps, labor camps,transit camps,and people who opposed of Hitler's power camps,or prisoner of war camps you can say.

Jewish Prisoners inside the camps wore specific uniforms based on their backgrounds like what their job was, big criminals,political people and they would group each group based on their backgrounds.



WWII Camps



This is a guard tower from a concentration camp

This is Adolf Hitler

The Camps During The Holocaust

This is an example of what the prisoners wore at the camps.

This video is about daily life at the concentration camps during the Holocaust.


Were it took place 1st

How camps were set

How it was grouped

Types of Camps

Casper Parafinowicz


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