The Call of the Wild

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The Call of the Wild

Buck is having visions of the old world.Buck stop using his primitive instincts when Jhon Thorton saves him from dying.But one day Jhon is taken by a current and Buck saves him from dying and still Buck gets the visions from his ancestors.The visions are calling his primitive instincts to rise and become a savage.The wild is calling him he starts earing noises and the visions still keep coming but he still wont leave Jhon side.

The Power Of Ancestrial Memory

In this story there's a dog named Charley that lived a civilized life but that all changes he will change to being a civilized dog to a uncivilized.This means that he was a calm and peaceful dog.How ever when the bears got close to Charley's owner he was not anymore a civilized dog.He shows his teeth to the bear.He only does this to protect his owner that he wants nothing to bad to him he does not want him to get hurt in any way.

Travel With Charley

The Laws Of Civilisation And Wilderness




The Power Of Primitive Instincts

THE CALL OF THE WILD:In the story the call of the wild lived a dog called Buck.Buck lived a rich life in a mans mansion called Judge's Miller.He loved to swim,hunt and run.Buck lived a civilized life that he thought he was king over all creeping crawling ,flying thing in the world even humans.This show that Buck thinks he is king.

After Buck is stolen by a man named Manuel who worked for Judge Miller has a gardener.He took Buck and took him to Dyea Beach where Buck discribes it has a nightmare.This show that this was an ungrateful place.Buck learns to use is primitive instincts. And try to avoid getting into fights with the other dog also survive in the north where it is not civilized.It is important that he learns all of his abilities to survive in the wild.

Glog by: Jeremiah Chaparro


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