The Call of the Wild

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The Call of the Wild

Miguel Jimenez

Buck becomes smarter and stronger through out the story. He learns and strengthens very quickly. The book describes his mucles like"hard iron".One of Buck`s owners refferred to Buck as a devil after discovering that Buck had killed the leader of the pack, Sptiz, who hated Buck. Buck only fights when he needs to survive, but Spitz was looking for a fight with Buck The book displays Buck as a dog with human emotions. Buck feels anger from being taken away from his home, weak from hunger, and very trapped his his cage while on the train to Washington. Which is why he attacks when he can before he meets his owner. The author wrote the story in a way so that a human can comprehend what Buck feels.

The story The Call of the Wild is about a dog named Buck. Buck is taken from his sunny home in California and brought to a life of pulling sleds for men in search for gold in Alaska. Buck is bought and sold by different men with different attributes. The first owner tamed Buck using a club. This made Buck learn the law of club and fang which is: to kill only to survive. The second and third owners basically worked Buck into getting stronger and smarter for the wild. The fourth owner, Hal and companions, made Buck and his fellow dogs miserable. They were ignorant to advice and they never had expirienced sledding with dogs. A man named John Thornton watched as Hal`s dogs were being brutally whipped even though the dogs were very tired and underfed. John forced Hal to leave Buck alone. John takes Buck. Buck loves John to the point that Buck saves John`s life and even won a bet for John.Buck often heard a call that he felt he needed to follow. He would hear faint howls late at night and he felt that a dog was calling him. One day, Buck goes out to find who was calling him. He meets a dog and they take a walk around the woods. But then Buck`s love for John makes him turn around for John`s camp. Only to find that it had been destroyed by Yeehat Indians and John Thornton lying dead. The Yeehats were dancing around a fire. Buck`s love for John makes him attack the Yeehats even if he would be shot by an arrow. Buck then learns that he`s finally free to join the dog and the pack. Buck becomes wild because he is free.

Before: Buck was a dog used to the sun and not the snow. He is not used to starving and working hard. Buck attacks or growls at someone who threatens or angers him. After: The wild made a big change in Buck. He follows the law of club and fang which is to kill only to survive. He knows that showing mercy or weakness to others is a fight to the death. Buck is obviously stronger in strength.



The Call of the WildAuthor: Jack London

*Hal`s heavy sled package:Hal`s heavy sled package is a symbol for many possesions. In the story, the heavy sled slows down the pace and Hal doesn`t make very much progress. This means that in the wild it is important to not have many possesions because that will slow Hal`s sled down.*John taking Buck off the braces from Hal:This represents Buck being freed from the suffering and weariness that Hal had "strapped" onto Buck.



Buck: Before & After

The story is about how Buck learns how to survive in the wild. Buck learns that, he must kill only to survive. He learns this when he is defeated by a man with a club, no matter how violentely Buck attacked. Then he watches as a friend is attacked and killed because he had never fought before.



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