The Call of the Wild

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The Call of the Wild

In The Call of the Wild and in Travels with Charley both Buck and Charley are civilized dogs at the beginning. They both had normal lives but there was something that made them both uncultivated. Charley became a savage after the bear got near the car. On the other hand, buck became a savage when he had to steal food to be able to eat. Even though both of them became savages they both became one with the wilderness. Both Charley and Buck use this ancestral memory and primitive instincts. For Buck his primitive instincts were bond to come in at anytime. He had to use them to survive anyways. Buck was glad that he had ancestors. Charley was not expected to have his primitive instincts kick in. His owner thought that it was one of his ancestors coming back to him. They both had a wolf in them.

The Call of the Wild/ Travels with Charley

Compared Books and Themes

The Laws of Civilization and Wilderness

The Power of Ancestral Memory and Primitive Instincts

The Call of the Wild Furthermore Buck learns to use his primitive instincts and ancestral memory in order to survive. He uses his ancestral memory when he howls at the moon because he is also thanking his ancestors for his primitive instincts. Buck uses his primitive institutions in chapter one after he gets beaten with a club. In chapter one page 5 it states," It was his introduction to this region of primitive law, and he met the introduction half way." Buck now know that he has to use his primitive instincts. Buck uses his ancestral memory in chapter 2 page 5. In the story in that chapter it proclaims, " He pointed his nose at a star and howled long and wolf-like, it was his ancestors dead and dust pointing nose at the star and howling down through the centuries and through him." Buck is thanking and is grateful for his ancestors for the imperative qualities they gave him. Travels with Charley When Charley uses his primitive instincts and ancestral memory it was least expected. Charley is a peaceful dog, his owner didn't think that Charley would have utilized his instincts when the bear appeared. When the bear was walking it was Charley's institution to react in such a matter. In the book on page 119 it states, " Bears simply brought out the Hyde in my Jerkyll- headed dog. This is proving that when Charley didn't see the bear he was fine but then it was like there was a switch. When he was using his ancestral memory it was on page 119 as well. In that page it states, " Was it a pre-breed memory of the time there was a wolf in him". This is demonstrating that it is like it was his ancestor controlling it. His owner felt that there could have been a impending danger if he had opened the door.

The Laws of Civilization and Wilderness To begin with Buck started off as a civilized dog. He would live the perfect life in Santa Clara, where he would lay by Judge Miller's feet in the mansion. In chapter one page one the book states," Buck lived in a big house in the sun kissed Santa Clara." This is showing that clearly Buck had a wealthy owner with a great life. This all changed when Buck was kidnapped and brought into the malignant, savage world. He knew that this new life was no joke when he saw his sled mate Curly get killed. In the story it states in chapter 2 page one it states," There was an imperative need to be constantly alert for these dogs and men. They were savages all of them who knew no law but the law of club and fang." Buck has to live by this law as he transforms into a uncivilized, formidable beast. Travels with Charley At first Charley was a calm dog that did not live in violence. In the story on page 117 it states," This is a dog of peace and tranquility." This shows that Charley does not live by the law of club and fang." He also learns to respect a cat but it doesn't mean he likes them. Everything changes when Charley goes to see the bear at Yellowstone Park. As the bear gets closer to the car, Charley becomes aloof. In the story on page 118 it states, " A little faarther along two bears showed up, and the effect was doubled. Charley became a maniac." With the bears Charley was actually the exact opposite of peaceful. John Steinback didn't know what had got into his dog when Charley had seen those creatures for the first time.


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