The call of the wild and Travel with Charley

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The call of the wild and Travel with Charley

Charley is using his primitive instrince by attacking something coming his way. He looked at the bear Malignantbecause he was angry. For examole, he change came over Charley he was with shrieked with rage. In the story it say " His lips flared, showing wicked teeth that have some trouble with a dog biscuit". Charley had never seen a bear in his history "showed great tolerance for every living thing". For the frist time Charley even resisted a cuff on the ear. He also becamea maniace because the bears come close to his owner so he get angry.

Also "Travels with Charley" he was a dog of peace and tranqility. He didn't live by the tooth or fang he didn't attack orther animals. Charley was also is an unique dog. For example, he respects cat but he doesn't admire them. In the story it say"He respects the right of cats to be cats athough he doesn't admire them". When Charley see a bear he get angery because the bear get close to his owner. Charley became a Primitive killer it was running trou his blood of his enemy. Charley use his instrince to attack something that threane him. Charley is acting like a savage because he start grawling at the bear

To begin with, when Buck lived in the mansion he lived a civilized life. For exmaple, when he lived there he hunted, ran, and he selpt by the Judge Miller's feet. In the story it says "For he was king--king over all creeping, crawling fly things of Judge Miller's place, humans included.The gradener called Manuel stole Buck and sold him to the Saloon-keeper. "Buck felt oppressed by the vage sense of Impending calamity."Buck attack the saloon-keeper because he was putting the rope so the saloon-keeper sold him to the man with the red sweater.They solte Covertly also spitz attacked all the dogs. It was a nightmare for him in Dyea Beach. All the dogs there were all savages.

The call of the wild

Buck is able to survive because of his Primitve instince he has. Buck was thinking of his ancestens, because without them he wouldn't be able to survive without his Primitve insticts. He also learns quickly thanks to his primitve instince. For example, he was using his anceston when he was dreaming about the caveman. In the story it say" Sometime as he croched there, blinking dreamily at the flames, it seemedthat the flames were of another fire, and that as he crouched bt this orther fire he saw another and different man from the half- bredcook befor him". Buck used his primitive instincts when he needs to clam his hunger and steals for hunger, and secretly leans two more lessons of club and fung.

the call of thewild

The Call Of The Wild

travels with Charley

Travles withcharley



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