The call of the wild and Travel with Charley

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The call of the wild and Travel with Charley

First of all, Buck learns to utilize his primitive instincts. After, his experience with the man in the red sweater, Buck learns an imperative lesson. In chapter page 5 it states, “It was his introduction to reign of primitive law, and we met the introduction halfway.” This means after learning the law of club, it’s showing that he has the potential to survive up North in which he must utilize his primitive instincts. He has discover his wild side from the man in the red sweater. After, using his primitve instincts saving his life, he thanks his ancestors for passing it down to him. In chapter 2 page 5, “ He pointed his nose at a star and howled long and wolf like, it was his ancestors dead and dust, pointing nose at a star and howling down through him.” As a result, he is howling at the moon, as he’s communicating with his ancestors.

Both “The Call of the Wild” and “Travels with Charley” have a point where Buck and Charley turn to their ancestors, the wolf. They turn to a primitive killer just like the wolf do to attack or defense themself. Buck and Charley both having the wolves as an ancestor, made them turn wild. This happens when their thinking that they are going to be attack or being attack by someone.

In the beginning, Charley is sweet and peaceful. Charley wouldn’t attack any animal. After, seeing a bear for the first time he turned to a maniac and crazy. In the book it states, “ He became a primitve killer lusting for the blood of his enemy, and up to this moment he had no enemies.” This demonstrates that Charley has turned to his ancestors, a wolf. His memories of being a wolf is coming back to him and making him want to attack the bears that walked by.

To start of with, Buck is civilized in Santa Clara Valley with the Judge. In the story on page 1 chapter 1 it states, “ While Buck lived in the mansion he lived a civilized life. Initially, he lived the life of a king.” This shows Buck had a very high status. Buck believed that he controlled both humans and animals. As a result, this made him arrogant. After, he was captured he met the man in the red sweater. He was passed owner by owner. The man in the red sweater was malignant and law-giver. The man in the red sweater attacked Buck, striking Buck multiple times to teach him an imperative lesson. In the story on page 4 chapter 1 it says, “ His madness knew no caution. A dozen times he charged.” This means Buck wasn’t learning the lesson. As a result, he turns into a “red-eyed devil” and his previously civilized manner has seemed to disappear. However, now that Buck has been pass to another owner and is in Dyea Beach, he realizes that all the dogs are savage. Watching the dogs, Buck knew impending danger was lurking. He saw that when they attacked Curly. In the story page 1 chapter 2 it says, “ They were savages, all of them, who knew no law, but the law of club and fang.” Therefore, with Curly when the huskies surrounded her she was down, they attack her because she is weak. This demonstrates that Buck is compelled to become uncivilized if he wishes to survive.

ByAriana Pena

The Power of Ancestral Memory Primitive Instincts


To begin with, Charley a very calm and peaceful dog. In the book it states, “This is a dog of peace and tranquility.” This is showing Charley respects other animals and won’t attack them. Charley doesn’t bother other animals like cats, he just ignores them. As a result, this means that Charley is civilized without being a savage. He wasn’t obdurate, but after meeting a bear for the first time, his primitive side turned on. In the book it says, “Charley became a maniac. He leaped all over me, he cursed and growled, snarled and screamed. I didn’t know he had the ability to snarl.” As a result, this shows Charley became wild and insane wanting to attack the bear. This happens because he thought the bear was going to attack his owner, he was just trying to protect him. However, tied to a leash if he was released he would charge and attack the bears. He knew no law and would have died because he was callow.

“The Call of the Wild” and “Travels with Charley” both go through a phase of becoming uncivilized and a savage. Buck turned to a savage when the man in the red sweater attacks him with a club. Charley thought that the bears were going to attack his owner and went to defense mode protect his owner. Buck and Charley become uncivilized and from being peaceful and friendly.

The Laws of Civilization and of Wilderness


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