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SUMMARYBest friends Calder Pillay, Petra Andalee, and Tommy Segovia are 12 years old and live in Hyde Park, on the south side of Chicago. With their 7th grade class they go on a feild trip to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art to see the new Alexander Calder art exhibit. Calder wanders off to see more and finds a room featuring the Calder Game, which invites people to design their own mobiles. When Calder tells his teacher about the room, she will not go and pulls everyone to the gift shop instead. Two weeks later, Calder’s father takes him to England where his father has a conference in a small village called Woodstock. During the day, Calder is free to explore and comes across a bright red Calder sculpture labeled "Minotaur" in the village square. He soon finds out that the sculpture showed up it the village one day, and the locals aren’t happy with it at all. Calder also finds Blenheim castle with its gardens and hedge maze. One night, both Calder and the sculpture goes missing. Mr. Pillay flies over Petra, and Tommy, and a retired police detective named Mrs. Sharpe to help him find his son. They and the police seach with no luck until they find one of Calder’s pentominoes half hidden under a big rock in a creek on the Blenheim grounds. Earth moving equipment is needed to move the rocks in order to find Calder. After a couple minutes they find a hole that was covered up by rocks. Two divers go down in the hole to look for Calder and come up with him unconcious and barely alive. As he recovers in the hospital, he learns that a rich American man named of Art Wish was behind both the appearance and disappearance of the Calder sculpture. Mr. Wish’s idea had been to place five Calder statues anonymously in five different places around the world, he wanted everyone to be able to access it. However, when he noticed that most of Woodstock hated the sculpture, he decided to move it onto the Blenheim grounds. After all that had happend, the people of Woodstock decided that they wanted the sculpture back in the center of town again, and Calder, Tommy, Petra, Mr. Pillay, and Mrs. Sharpe flew back to Chicago.

Vocab wordspentominoes: a 2D shape made out of 5 side-by-side equal-sized squares used as a math tool.spanned: the distance between two supports of a structurecaper: a prank or tricktarpaulin: a protective covering of canvas or other material waterproofed with tar, paint, or wax.mason: a builder and worker in stone.talisman: lucky charmtrundled: an act of moving slowly or heavily.corroborate: to confirmdredged: to unearth or bring to noticecascade: a waterfall descending over a steep, rocky surface.

MAINCHARACTERSCalder Pillay: a boy who loves puzzles and always carries around a set of pentominoes.Petra Andalee: a girl who likes words and writing and carries a pocket journal with her all of the time.Tommy Segovia: a boy who loves collecting and finding all sorts of things.The three are best friends


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A set of pentominoes

By Blue Balliett



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