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Inventors and Inventions

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The Calculator

TheCalculatorBy: Ryan Beardall

500 B.C.The first adding and substracting device, known as the Abacus is invented

1623Willhem Shickard invents the first mechanical clalculator known as the Calculating Clock

1884The first succesful calculator that used keys is created by Dorr E. Felt

In 1961 the first electronic Calculator is created by Bell punch Co. In Uxbridge, England known as the Anika Mk VII

The word Abacus comes from the Greek word abax meaning calculating board or calculating table. From what we have found they date back to 500 B.C. However the Abacus that we know and can be seen sometimes in playgrounds comes from China around 1300 A.D.

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2000+ calculators are being mass produced and are being sold in many different designs

Wilhelm Schickard built the first automatic calculator in 1623. His invention used previous technology for multiplication and for adding/subtracting it used a complicated gear system. Because of his invention Wilhelm was also known as the father of computers

In 1884 Dorr E. Felt invents the Comptometer, the first succesfull adding and calculating machine that used keys. In 1886 after teaming up with Robbert Tarrant his invention was one of the first to be sold in stores

Throughout the 21st century Calculators are way more avaible, they are on your phone and can be easily found for cheap in many stores and can complete many equations.


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