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The Calculator

In 1773, Philip Matthäus Hahn invented a calculating machine with twelve drums, arranged in a circle, that could be spun using a crank in the axis of the drums. He invetned this calculator to help him mesure the parameters of clocks, and planetariums.

In 1623, the calculating clock was invented. It was made up of a multiplying device, a machine for recording results, and a 6-digit decimal adding device.

How Technology Has Changed PART THREE

The Abbacus

The very first calculator was called the abacus. It was a hand operated wooden frame with beads on 10 wooden rods, and was used by Sumerians and Egyptians in 2000 BC. Each rod represented the 10s, hundreds, etc. and you slid up the right number of beads for each rod.


In 2010, Casio invented the Casio PRIZM, the first colour graphing calculator. It had 216x384 resolution and full-color display. Texas Instruments also made a color calculator, the TI-NSpire Cx, in early 2011. It allowed students to make graphs over pictures, and have a visual.

In 1820, the first commercially available mechanical calculator was created. It was called the arithmometer, and was invented by Charles Xavier and Thomas de Colmar. It was long, and also used stepped drums. It also had a result display.

The calculating clock

1773 calculator

The Arithmometer

In 1961, an electric calculator was created. It was designed to sit on a desk, for people who would use it while working in an office. It was invented by Bell Punch.It was big, heavy, and not intended for carrying it around. It had push buttons and was called the ANITA MK-8


In 1967, the first handheld calculator was invented! It had push number buttons and a digital screen to see results typed. It was created by Texas Instruments and called the Cal Tech. It had 18 keys, and could perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Cal Tech

1985 graphing calculator

In 1985, the first graphing calculator was created. The Casio fx-7000G had 422 bytes of memory, and could store up to 10 programs.Then in 2003, a graphing calculator with touch functionality was invented. The Sharp EL-9650 had a push button keyboard, and touch screen using a touch stylus.

2003 touch screen

2010 Casio PRIZM


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