The Byzantine Empire

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The Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire was the successor of the Roman Empire in the Greek-speaking, eastern part of the Mediterranean.Constantinople lay halfway between the Balkan and the Euphrates, and not too far from the immense wealth and manpower of Asia Minor.Byzantium was to become the name for the East-Roman Empire. After the death of Constantine, in an attempt to overcome the growing military and administrative problem, the Roman Empire was divided into an eastern and a western part.


The Code of Justinian, a compilation of all the imperial laws, soon the Institutions and the Digests , were added. The project was completed with some additional laws, the Novellae. And those laws make the empire better.

The Roman government was the strongest unifying force in the empire .Widespread trade of farm goods and other products also helped unify the empire.

Christian Church

In 1054, the eastern church separated from the western (Roman Catholic) church. The Church in the East became Eastern Orthodox.

Decline and Fall

When Justinian died in 565 AD it marked the beginning of the enf for the Byzanitum Empire. Disease carrying rats roamed the city and spread plagues.Civil War broke out because the people were fighting about who should become next emperor. Then the Turks attacked the empire. In 1453, they took control of Constantinople and changed its name to Istanbul. It became the captial of the Ottoman Empire.


The Byzantine Empire

Justinian Code



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