The Burj Khalifa- tallest building on earth.

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The Burj Khalifa- tallest building on earth.

The Burj Khalifa- Tallest Building on Earth.In this presentation you will learn various fact about the Burj Khalifa, and things that will answer your questions.This jorney to go above and beyond to build the worlds tallest building to ever be built on earth. Read this glogster to experience the journey of the Burj Khalifa!

What is the Burj Khalifa, you might ask? Well the Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building as well as being the world's tallest freestanding structure! Of Course being the tallest building on earth the Burj Khalifa has 162 floors, but visitors can't come up that high but there is a special observation deck on the 124 floor for visitors. Also if you would like to go higher up you can visit the 148th floor for a more luxury experience. In addition, the Burj Khalifa actually was the setting of a movie called '' Mission Impossible'' one of the actors, Tom Cruise climbed the Burj Khalifa (in a safety harness) for a scene. In addition to that, the Burj Khalifa was actually not always named the Burj Khalifa it actually used to be called the Burj Dubai, but renamed the Burj Khalifa after the Arab term '' Khalifa'' which means tower. The Burj Khalifa being so tall is actually 1.5 billion dollars! The Burj Khalifa is said to be the worlds greatest achievement in engineering. In addition to that, the Burj Khalifa weighs 500,00 tons. The Burj Khalifa has enough electricity to power a town of 20,000 people! On that note, since the Burj Khalifa is so high up it contains 53 elevators.

Amazing things can happen in the most unexpected desserts. How could the world's tallest building be built as flawless as it is? Well, during the process of building the Burj Khalifa is seemed an impossible task to build something so high but the Burj Khalifa had a few tricks when in the building process. One of these tricks involved using a efficient type of crane called a kangaroo crane to successfully carry all the glass panes onto the Burj Khalifa quickly. But ofcourse the Burj Khalifa's layers of steel, silver,glass and concrete wasn't cheap, in total $100,100,00 in total! In addition to thart, the Burj Khalifa needed a thin layer of silver to propel the scorching Dubai sun. When starting the building of the Burj Khalifa the builders first dug deep into the ground to build a strong foundation for the Burj Khalifa. This foundation kept it from tilting or tipping over. To place all the concrete on the Burj Khalifa the builders used three of the world's most powerful concrete pumps. These concrete pumps placed 125,000 cubic meters of the concrete onto the Burj Khalifa. But to make sure that the Burj Khalifa would stand the winds they also designed the Burj Khalifa to grow more thin as it grew higher into the air.

Building the tallest building on earth was all about timing, taking to long could cost them. This hard task of construction began in 2004 and after six years of hard work and determination the Burj Khalifa finally opened January 2010. On the grand opening night of the Burj Khalifa there was a firework display to celebrate the hard work put into making the Burj Khalifa. Though it only took 6 years to build the Burj Khalifa these six years took hard work and determination.

What person do we owe for the modern, as well as the flawless design of the Burj Khalifa? Though many people have pitched in to help with the process of designing or building the Burj Khalifa, we owe one man the credit for the not only interesting to see, but very clever design of the Burj Khalifa. This man is a currently 71 year-old man named Adrian Smith. Adrian Smith was born on August 19,1944. In addition to his early life, Adrian attended college at university of Illinois and studied architecture at Texas A&M. On the note of Adrian's creations, he has designed numerous other buildings, but none as famous as the Burj Khalifa.

Why was the Burj Khalifa made? This is a common question, with many answers. One of the reasons why the Burj Khalifa was built was, Dubai was on a mission to be admired all around, the Burj Khalifa was the centerpiece of this mission. Another reason is that the Burj Khalifa was also made to have apartments and offices. Though the Burj Khalifa was made for many purposes it all comes together to be the tallest building on earth.

Surely, building the world's tallest building wasn't cheap. The Burj Khalifa had to have lots of money to build something like this. Well, Dubai recently started becoming a tourist attraction. In addition to that, Dubai is the fastest growing city in the world. Dubai also has a successful port. Though with all this support Dubai still was on a tight budget to build the Burj Khalifa.

What is the Burj Khalifa?

How was the the was the Burj Khalifa Built?

How long did it take to build the Burj Khalifa?

Who designed the Burj Khalifa?

How was the money to build the Burj Khalifa raised?

Why was the Burj Khalifa made?

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa.

By: Kate Sheehan

''There is big there is bigger and there is the biggest the Burj Khalfia.''- Big, bigger and biggest.

''The greatest engineering acheivment yet.''-Natinal Geographic

Now that you have learned about the Burj Khalifa’s journey, design and current activities, you should consider actually visiting the Burj Khalifa. After all no matter how many things you might know about the Burj Khalifa, all the pictures are only half as interesting to see as the Burj Khalifa in real life. On top of that the Burj Khalifa has not only changed engineering for the better, but also changed the way people look at things. For example, twenty years ago nobody would've ever believed something this crazy posible. Now everybody believes in much more wild creations for the future, the Burj Khalifa has really opened up a window in engineering.

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Sky veiw of the Burj Khalifa.

View of the Burj Khalifa.

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