The Building Railroad Industry

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The Building Railroad Industry

The Building Railroad Industry (Pre 1850's)


By: Melina Arellano

Even though railroads were cheap to make, compared to canals, they were still expensive.The first railroad in the United States was in 1828 and in 1860 there was thirty thousand miles of railroad track, most of it was in the North. There was two reasons why people opposed to railroads on being they were dangerous. They were dangerous because the sparks from the train could cause fires. Because of safety issues, safety decives were made, for example the brakes were made better so they wouldn't brake. Also later on you start seeing luxury trains.

The other reason many people opposed to railroads was because it competed with canals. They tried to protect the canals by passing state or laws that didn't allow some rail lines in certain areas or restricted them from carring products. But there was still people who supported railroads because they carried people or products all times of the year, like in the winter.

Railroads affected the expansion of politics because their power over state grew. This also made possible settlement and development of states. The railroads was also very important in the Civil War because it help transtport the soldiers and weapons.

Trains got better commodity because the travelers demanded better things. Padded seats, stoves for winter travel, and even sleeping cars for long overnight runs were added to trains.



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