The Bubonic Plague

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European history

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The Bubonic Plague

The Black Death

The Bubonic Plague

.We now know that bacterium caused the bubonic plague.•Fleas carry the bacterium in the blood they suck and if a flea bites an infected person or animal and it bites you, you’ll get the plague too.•The animal usually bitten was rats.•People today still get the bubonic plague, but we can cure it with antibiotics so nowadays if you get it you’ll probably live.

The Plague Today

Basic Information

History of the Plague

•People who got it died within a few days.•Nobody knew what caused it, but they tried any treatments they could think of like surgery and magic.•Since people didn’t know the cause lots of people started assuming God was punishing mankind for their sins.•It is known as the Black Death because it could cause black spots on your chest or great big black swellings on your armpits and at the top of your legs.•Occasionally if you were already healthy and had good nursing care you could get better on your own.

-DNA evidence shows the plague originated in Asia and most likely in China.•The first recorded instance of people getting the plague was in Constantinople around 570 CE.•Soon after it spread from Constantinople to Europe.•In 1328 another serious outbreak occurred which began in China and by 1347 had spread across the Mongol Empire, to West Asia, and finally to North Africa, France, England, Germany and Italy.•The plague spread to Scandinavia and Russia in the 1350’s.•There were many more reoccurrences after that.

The plague had economic, social, and church effects.SOCIAL:-The birth rate grew.ECONOMIC:-Shortage of laborers meant they were able to charge higher prices.CHURCH:-Lost many people, but the churches became richer through bequests.

The bubonic plague is a highly contagious disease that spread throughout Europe in the middle ages. It was spread human to human through fleas and rats. The plague caused a high fever and painful swelling of the lymph glands called buboes, so normally plague victims died within a day.

Bequest- The property or money that you promise in your will to give to another person or organization after you die. images


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