The Brothers Torres

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The Brothers Torres

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frankie/fransico torres(kid in hat)steve torres(bottom right)Zach Rebecca sanchezJohn daltonthe cholosthe parents

Set in a small town in New Mexico, Frankie Torres has always looked up to his popular older brother Steve who everyone seems to respect. Steve seems to have everything going for him: a soccer scholarship, the girls, street cred. While his brother Frankie liked to blow things up with his bestfriend, worked at his parents' restaurant, and constantly trying to win over his crush Rebecca. Frankie doesn't pay much attention to winning respect from the cholos or anyone else on the streets/school until he gets in a fistfight with the richest kid in his high school- John Dalton. The cholos start to recognize him after his brother takes him under his wing and raises his street cred. Everything seems to be going Frankies way after a while, he finally gets a date with Rebecca and befriending the cholos. Soon enough Frankie has to decide whats more important, respecting his brother or himself after his brothers retalitation when another incident strikes between John and Frankie.


the brothers torres

All about the brothers torres.

Frankies parents own a restaraunt called Los Torres. Frankie's a sophmore. Steve's a senior. They live in an Adobe house.


John Dalton

The book is very interesting and shows the struggles and internal conflicts through the character that people might actually face and life and how your desicions can make consquences and how pressure between others can effect you and his journey through his sophomore life shows you how good can come with bad.

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