The brotherband Chronicles: The outcast

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The brotherband Chronicles: The outcast

Main EventsSome of the main events are that in the beginning Hal's dad gets killed and his dad asks Thorn to look after his family.

SettingIt takes place in a medieval village on theisland of Skandia. There is no technology

Book Report

Problem, conflict



The conflict or problem in this book is that Hal constantly get teased or pick on by Tursgud. Tursgud is just a jerk that picks on kids small and that aren't as strong as him. We in the book Hal eventually confronts him and they get in a little fight which Thorn breaks up grabbing Tursgud and throws him away from Hal. Thats not the only time Hal and Tursgud fight because in Brotherband training Tursgud ambuses Hal's band and him and Hal fight. Hal puts Tursgud in his place by shrewing up his nose but Tursgud uses his strength and overpowers Hal and bets the crap out of Hal while his men hold Hal. The other problem in the book is that Hal is half Araulen which is his moms side so kids judge him because of that.

At the ending of the book Hal and his group had become the Brotherband Champions of the year and in doing so they were put in charge of watching the Andomial which was a priceless relic of the Skandians. When they were guarding it their guards fell asleep and the relic got stolen by a pirate named Zanvac and his crew. Hal decides that the only way they can still live in Skandia without being killed for loosing the reclic is to go with his friends and chase down Zanvac and bring the relic back to Skandia. The book cuts off just like that and to find out more you have to read the second book.

Well this book has about 2 climaxs which are one the Herons winning the Brotherband competition, and two when the Andomial gets stolen by the pirates. When the Herons are racing in the contest it gets very intense because the boat of theirs breaks by getting hit by Tursguds boat and the Herons still manage to win the whole thing. The part where the Andomial gets stolen is so crazy because one of Hal's crew members falls asleep and after Hal lectures him they open the door to the room of the relic and the relic is gone. Then it all gets in motion and they have to leave the island. So as you can see there is alot of exciting parts in the book.

The Brotherband Chronicles: The OutcastsWritten By: John Flanagan

Grade Level:5.5Genre: FantastyPoint of view: 3rd person

Main Charaters+Hal+Stig+Thorn+Erak+Tursgud

Quote 1:"You can always win points. Winning people's respect is alot more important."

Quote 2:"I can't think of better qualities in a wolfship crew."


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