[2015] Stephanie Zhang: The Brooklyn Bridge

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[2015] Stephanie Zhang: The Brooklyn Bridge

Connects Manhattan to Brooklyn

Crosses East River

NY,New York U.S.A.

Architects and leaders: John A. RoeblingWashington RoeblingDavid B. Steinman

It's a Suspension and cable-stayed bridge

The Brookyn Bridge

Started on Jan. 3,1870Completed on May 24,1883Took 13 years to build

Height: 276.5'(84.3m)Length:5988' (1825m)

Made of steel (6 times stronger)And granite

Most noticeable feature is the 2 masory towers to wich the main cables are attached

1,000,000 cars cross per week52 million cars cross per year

World Events:*Red River Indian war 1874*Civil rights act of 1875*Thomas Edison first functioning light bulb 1879

Fun Fact:The bridge was originally called "The Brooklyn and New York bridge"

Stephanie Zhang

The biggest problem was building the foundations for the support piers that had to be place below the surface of the water.


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