The Bronze Bow

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The Bronze Bow

The Bronze Bow

The Main Characters

Leah: starts out as a scared and paranoid person about the outside world, but overcomes her fear and becomes more open.Daniel: protective about his sister and wants to get rid of the romans. He is also loyal to the leader Rosh.Joel: smart and went to Jerusalem to learn more. He is also loyal to Daniel and wants to overthrow the romans.Thacia: helpful and caring. She gives gifts to Leah and is one of her only friends. Like her brother, she wants to overthrow the romans.

Mrs. Speare

By: Elizabeth George Speare

Elizabeth George Speare:Speare was born on November 21, 1908, in Malrose, MA. She was very well-known for her historic fiction books. She helped make the movie Keeping the Promise. She went to Boston University and Smith College. Some of her most popular books were Calico Captive (1957), The Witch of Blackbird Pond (1958), The Bronze Bow (1961) and The Sign of Beaver (1983). She was married to Alden Speare, she had 2 children. She got lots of rewards. (Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal in 1989 and Newbarry Medal in 1959 and 1962).

SummaryDaniel is working with Rosh when he meets Joel and Thacia. Joel wants to join them. Joel, Thacia , and Daniel make a pact to overthrow the romans. Daniel rescues a giganti man which he names Samson. Daniel meets Jesus through his friend Simon. Daniel keeps seeing Jesus after. Joel gets captured so Daniel and others help save him. Samson and Daniel's friend Nathan die. Daniel makes a bronze bow and gives it to Thacia. Daniel's sister Leah has been talking to romans and Daniel gets mad. Leah is now scared of Daniel, but Jesus heals her. Daniel then lets go of his anger.

SettingCapernumThe mountainGallile

Austin, Kayanan, Ethan Powers, Alex Moini

SettingCapernumThe Mountain

Text-to-Self ConnectionsIn the book they belive in God like us. Ethan, Alex and Austin have all lost at least one grandparent like Daniel. We are both devoted to our own cause.

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