[2014] Kelsey Jenkeleit (CS30201Spring14): The Bronx

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Social Studies

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[2014] Kelsey Jenkeleit (CS30201Spring14): The Bronx

The Past and the Present

The Bronx:

What does the Bronx look like now?CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT!

Did you know?The Bronx was named after Sweedish explorer Jonas Bronck, who arrived in the area in 1639.

Did you know?At least 50% of the population in the Bronx are of Hispanic origin

Brief HistoryThe Bronx was originally separated into two parts by the Native Americans. It was split by the Aquahung River. When Bronck discovered it for Europe in 1639, it got taken over by the Europeans and given the name "The Bronx". Different groups of people began to settle in the Bronx as the years continued. On January 1, 1898, New York City became officially consolidated and the Bronx became an offical borough. For the beginning of the 20th Century, the Bronx served as a location for manufacturing companies (including 63 piano-making factories that gave work to over 5,000 people). The Bronx then became a poverty striken area with many upperclass families moving out and more projects being built. Now a days, the Bronx is working to turn itself around and develop positive neighborhoods for people to move in to or grow up in._

Click on me to learn about the NEW Yankee Stadium!

Did you know?The Bronx is home to the New York Yankees, the 27 times World Series Champions

South Bronx: KRS-One


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