The Broker

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The Broker

That same night, Joel moves into a new phase in his life. His new name is Marco Lazzeri. He is put into a military cargo plane and flown over to Italy. He is dropped off by a man name Stennett. He was the one who offered Joel the pardon. The President made it, Stennett delivered it. As soon as he got to the drop off zone another "person" (assumed to be an agent) picked Marco up. His name was Luigi. He acted as if he was supposed to be born and raised in Italy, but he wasn't. He was only there to watch over Joel. He was to make sure he was safe, had what he needed, and most of all keep him on the CIA's radar. He needed to learn Italian before he could be on his own, so a nervous 23 year old boy named Ermanno gave him lessons. Ermanno said he was learning acceptionally fast. The plan was to reveal Joels location to all the other countries that hate him. The CIA can't legally kill him. So the idea behind the pardon was to get other countries to try and kill him, they would just sit back and watch. He has to many secrets that cannot be spread, so they needed to scielence him. They would reveal his location as soon as he was done blending in with the Italian culture, and he knew the language.

Shortly after Joel is sentenced 20 years. His deal falls through with the suadi araybians. They Buy the satillite and all the other countries are very mad. As President Morgan comes to his final weeks in office. He declares one last act as President. He want's to give Joel backman a full pardon. He is given certain terms though. First off, he has to change his name. Then change his residence, following that he has to agree upon to never return to the states again. He has a split second to accept this. He had thought though, he was dying in prison anyways and it had only been six years. So without a doubt he had accepted it.

In the opening chapters of this novel, we find out who Joel backman is a middle aged man who worked as the Broker in Washington D.C. As we read on, and find out he was sentenced for 20 years, we learn he was selling the biggest item of his career. 3 scientists from pakistan, stole a U.S. satillite and sold it to Joel backman and his partner, carl pratt. Their Job was to then sell it to the highest bidder. But durring that process, Pratt "Unexpectidly" died, (We assume he comitted suicide, considering he wasn't all for selling this satillite illegally). So then later on, Joel takes full responsiblility for his actions and he is sentenced 20 years in prison.


As Joel progresses to learn Italian, he is given breaking news by Luigi. He was told that Critz was killed in the night. Critz knew where Joel was hidding and a man gave him an offer to pay millions for his location. But the CIA couldn't allow that, so they had to eliminate him. What he didn't tell him was that he was actually killed by the CIA. Critz we drugged, injected with pure heroin, and then thrown into the street. And moments later he was run over by a black SUV driven by a CIA agent, and of course, there were no witnesses. This was all done just to scare Joel. So then he was moved by the CIA to a new location, from Trevino to Padua. Whitaker (Luigi's boss) offers a new place for Joel to live. Joel seems to like it, and lives on with his life.

"The killings soon followed, with no clues as to who was behind them"(Grisham 102).

Joel manages to figure out what the CIA is trying to do to him. So just in time, he slips away from Luigi and is out of sight of the CIA. He is now on the run, again. He ran away in search of his son, Neal Backman. Joel knew that he could help him get away and start over again. So he finds his son in the states, and he helps him get off the charts. Drop of the face of the earth, basically. The CIA were suspicious that he paid off President Morgan for his full pardon. So They tried keeping close tabs on him, but then once he was "on his own", they lost him. After he finds his son in the states, he decides to leave again. He was safe now and off their radar. And he met someone in Italy, someone he grew very fond of. So he goes back to Italy and lives life on from there.

"Fleeing the country?"/"He Should have left sooner"(Grisham 9).

"If the Israelis move, it could happen in a week. The Chinese are usually slower"(Grisham 216).


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