The Broker- John Grisham

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The Broker- John Grisham

The BrokerJohn Grisham

"The broker is back..." (Grisham 353).

Pt 1: PardonedPresident Arthur Morgan was on the outs of his presidency, being outvoted by his opponent in every state but one. He made an eleventh hour pardon to "the Broker," a power stock broker in D.C. Joel Backman was awoken from his prison cell of six years, shipped out of the country and into Italy, where he was supervised and taught the language and culture by the CIA. The end goal for Backman, now Marco Lazzeri, was for the CIA to leak his whereabouts and see who would come to kill him, for that gave the agency intel on who built the super-surveillance system Backman stole years earlier.

"I have so little to smile about" (Grisham 157).

"He was free, many years ahead of schedule, and sitting in a rustic little café in an Italian town he'd never heard of, drinking a nice local wine, and inhaling the smells of a delicious feast" (Grisham 64).

Pt 3: SuspicionThings were going smoothly, both on the end of Marco learning the way of the Italian language and culture, and on the end of the CIA setting up their next move: killing Joel Backman. Luigi and his men had noticed that Marco was now carrying a blue satchel bag, but there was no reason for him to carry it. What they didn't know was that Marco was carrying a smartphone that his son sent over to him, and they were currently communicating. Backman was starting to set up his disappearance for good, but it all went downhill when one day at lunch with Luigi the fire alarm went off and somehow in the dark Marco's bag was stolen. Luigi then took it back to his own safehouse apartment where he and his men found the phone, along with money and maps of the city. What they don't know is that Marco now has his own suspicions that they are looking to get rid of him, and this is where he started to accelerate his process of escaping permanently. It was now a race to see who would succeed, the CIA or Marco.

"Amazing what six years in prison could do..." (Grisham 140).

Pt 2: Tutor and SurveillanceMarco was settling in nicely in Bologna, on Via Fondazza. He was being tutored by both Ermanno, an Italian university student, and Francesca, a middle-aged tour guide and tutor whose husband was dying from cancer. Marco wasn't sure how to get to Francesca, to soften her up, until he saw her on a tour and her fascinations of the artwork and wonderous buildings. From that point on, he and Francesca did all of their tutoring outside, whether at restaurants or while walking the city. They both started enjoying the other's company a lot, but Marco didn't realize that while they were on these sessions, Luigi (Marco's guide and member of the CIA) and his team would search Marco's appartment nonstop to make sure he wasn't making any contact with the outside world, to anyone in America or elsewhere. They were afraid that if he was, he might be able to disappear out of Italy, away from both the CIA and whoever to whom the CIA decides to leak Marco's whereabouts to.

Pt 4: The Broker is BackAs the CIA, FBI, and the Saudi Kidon were closing in on Marco, he had to flee. He looked to his dear friend and tutor, Francesca, for help. She gave him her dying husband's passport and briefcase, changed his look, and sent him on his way. He fled back to America to finally meet his granddaughter. First, though, he called a newspaper and told them that the Broker is back in business, that he had taken some time off after his pardon. That was only to escape his pursuers. He went to Culpeper, VA, and met his daughter-in-law and granddaughter. His final step was to go back to Italy, back to Francesca.

By: Darren Ioos


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