The British Empire

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The British Empire

The British Empire


Lancaster vs. York

Queen Elizabeth reigned for forty-five years and the time while she was in power was considered the Golden Age. She was also a patron of the arts.

During this time we see the beginning of the British East India trading company. A landmark event was England's defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Sir Francis Drake also circumnavigated the globe from 1577-1580. Protestant Reformation and the creation of the Anglican church also occurred during this time.Lastly, we had the prosecution of the Puritans.

Oliver Cromwell ruled for a short time and was intolerant towards Catholics. After he died there was Charles II who introduced"Habeus Corpus" which meant people couldn't be arrested without real reason. Then there was James II who ruled for three years until the Glorious Revolution when he ran off to France. Lastly during this time we had the Protestants, William and Mary. The big thing they did was sign the English Bill of Rights wich ended royal conflict with parliament and any chance of England being Catholic again.

In 1607 the pilgrims created Jamestown in the New World. Back in England, Charles I began his rule in 1625. Groups like the puritans didn't like his attempt to marry a Catholic or what they thought were his "overly Catholic" views. Charles aggravates parliament by not letting them meet, so they turn around and keep the ffunds he needs to fight the Irish. In response Charles tried to arrest parliament, the civil war arose. Charles was defeated in the English Civil War and executed in 1649.

A series of wars were fought through out this time period involving rights to the throne. Both houses laid claim to the kingdom. Henry Tudor defeted the last Yorkist king and married the daughter of Edward IV, Elizabeth of York, to unite the two houses.


Queen Elizabeth's Reign


Lots of stuff happens here



People kept getting replaced

Colonization and Civil War


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