The British Colonization of New Zealand

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The British Colonization of New Zealand

New Zealand

The British Colonization of New Zealand

Māori, First Settlers

*Introduction of new diseases *Loss of land*Loss of people through direct fighting with European settlers


James Cook (1769) The first British Explorer who visited NZ and claimed the region for Britain

Abel, Tasman First European discoverer

Treaty of Waitangi:

The British built ports, roads and buildings

The British colonization changed the social and racial structure of the colonized


English became a popular language of the world and continues to be dominant even today.

It led to the appearance of nationalism. The idea of IDENTITY

The modern technology from the British, which was aimed to serve their productions and trading, was also introduced in NZ enabling it modernization and development.

The British colonization brought law, order and technology and changed NZ into a modern state.

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