The Breadwinner

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The Breadwinner

Deborah Ellis

Book Level:630


"I need this girl to help me walk," her father would tell any Talib who asked, pointing to his leg. He had lost the lower part of his leg when the high school he was teaching in was bombed. His insides had been hurt somehow, too. He was often tired.

"Most people in Afghanistan could not read or write. Parvana was one of the lucky ones. Both of her parents had been to university, and they believed in education for everyone, even girls."

The Breadwinner

Kabul, Afganistan

Kabul, Afganistan

The three main themes are survival, family, and courage.

Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, and Family Drama

The protagonist is Parvana.

The point of view is third person

The climax is when Nooria decides to get married and move to Mazar. Parvana's Mother and her younger siblings will go for a few months to get her settled, but Parvana will stay behind in case her father comes home. Then she finds a girl from Mazar in and abandoned building and the girl tells her that the Taliban have taken over Mazar and have been killing everyone they possibly can.

The resolution is that Parvana and her father are going to Mazar to find their family.They heard that Taliban are taking over Mazar.(The place where Noria was going to have her wedding.)

Man vs.Self: A character has an internal conflict against his/her self.Man vs. Man: A character is having a conflict with another character in the novel.Man vs. Society: A character in the novel has a conflict with a group of people.Man vs. Nature: A character has to fight against the forces of nature.Man vs. Fate: A character fights to break free of a predetermined path or something out of his/her control.


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