[2015] Sierra Leese: The BreadWinner

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[2015] Sierra Leese: The BreadWinner

The book takes place in the beautiful counry of Afghanistan in a small village named Kalbu. Well, it was beautiful untill the Talibans runiened it. This was and still is a very sad and dangerous life for the people of Kalbu. This was not only in Kalbu but, in Pakistan, Dori and Burkina Faso. There is no more beauty there.No one ever laughs, sings, dances, they all just cry and hide from the horrible Talibans. Everyone is afarid.


Deborah Ellis is a Canadian author. Born: August 7, 1960 (age 54 now), Awards: Vicky Metcalf Award for Literature for Young People

Parvana is a 10 year old girl who is always living in fear. Her family and her have been bombed many times by the Talibans. They all made it out just intime except for two times. Parvana's oldest brother (that she knew only when she was 4) was running from the Talibans and didn't know what he was about to step on. He step on a landmine and then the earth shook. He died when he was 16. Parvna's father used to go to school before the Taliban invaison, but he lost his leg when his school got bombed. Thankfuly he survived. Now Parvana, her mother, her father, her older sister Nooria, younger sister Maryam, and youngest brother Ali all live in a one room house together with very little food or clean water. The only time the girls can go out is with a man, but they have to wear a burqa over thier face. Parvana is the only one gose out with her father because she dose not have to wear a burqa over her face at that age. Women are not aloud to do anything besides clean the house and make the men food. Sometimes the men beat the women if they do like what the women did. Thankfuly Parvana's father never did that. Parvana has to be the brave one for her family. She is incredible!


This "war" against the Talibans and the people of Afghanistan in the book started a long time before Parvana was born.When her father went to school back in England the Talibans invaded. This is still going on in the book, and Parvana is 10 now.

Memorable Parts

One of my most memorable parts in the book was when Parvana's father was arrested, wrongly, by the Talibans. Parvana and her mother tierd to get him back but, the Talibans just hit them and made them leave. After that Parvana's mother just laid on the toshak for 3 days without eating or driking. Just sleeping and crying. Fianlly a lady named Mrs.Weera, (who the whloe family knows) can to thier rescue. Mrs.Weera got thier mother back into shape and thats when it happened. Parvana's mother and Mrs. Weera came up with a crazy idea! Parvana would be transformed into a boy! She would work like her father would, and earn money so the family could eat and drink! I thought it was crazy!

The Breadwinner


By: Deborah Ellis

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