[2014] Skylar Allison (Science 7th Gr 2013 2014, Global Lit 8 2014-15, 2014-15 Science 8th Gr): The

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[2014] Skylar Allison (Science 7th Gr 2013 2014, Global Lit 8 2014-15, 2014-15 Science 8th Gr): The

The Breadwinner

Deborah Ellis

Tier one: Travel Log1. If you enjoy sightseeing, Band-e Amir is the place to go. Band-e Amir is a group of five turquoise lakes that is the first national park in the country. It is located conveniently close to the city of Bamiyan, one of the main tourist attractions in Afghanistan.2. Bamiyan should be another stop on you trip to Afghanistan. There is shopping, sightseeing, and much more!3. One thing to shop for while in Afghanistan is carpets. They have beautiful and bright colors and intricate designs. 4. Another thing to see while in Afghanistan is the Khyber Pass. The Khyber Pass is a string of mountains that connects Afghanistan and Pakistan.5. Another thing to see in Afghanistan is the Gardens of Babur. This national park is located in Kabul, Afghanistan. This park is the last resting place of the first emperor of Afghanistan. 6. Finally, another thing to see is the national museum of Afghanistan. There, you can learn about the ancient history of Afghanistan. 7. Lastly, you may want to wait to go to Afghanistan if it is not necessary. In around 90% of Afghanistan, there are raging civil wars.

The BreadwinnerDeborah EllisRealistic FictionThe Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis tells the story of a young girl named Parvana living in Afghanistan. It takes place in recent times, therefore the Taliban, or a strict religious group, were in power. The Taliban rulers are sexist and cruel against women because they make them completely cover themselves up. Also, it is illegal for a woman to go outside without a man for an escort. This book tells the horrifying story of Parvana and the struggles she goes through because of her gender. Parvana is a young girl who has to dress up as a boy to earn a living after her father’s arrest. Not only does this book take you on an emotional rollercoaster, it hits home for a lot of people. I would approve this book, The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis, for kids the age of 12 and up because it tells the disturbing stories of women who are constantly beaten by the men in their families. It also tells the readers about the hardships of young girls growing up in Afghanistan, which is pretty scary.

Book Review

Dear Sky,I have a problem. My father has just been arrested, and there is no one in the family to earn a living. Mother has been lying in bed for days and the apartment is smelling like Ali’s dirty diapers. No one is doing anything. The food supply is dwindling and the water is too. There is no money for anything nice. Mother has told me to sell all of our nice things. I miss father a lot. Mrs. Weera and her granddaughter have moved into the apartment, and it is so crowded. Mrs. Weera is trying to clean the apartment, but it's taking a long time. Mother and Mrs. Weera asked me to dress up as a boy to earn a proper living, which is illegal. I am scared and don’t know if I want to do this. What should I do? Sincerely,Parvana Dear Parvana. I have some advice for you. I know you miss your father, but you need fight back. After work, you should help your sister cook or Mrs. Weera clean. You can help take care of the family. Earning a living will help you grow up, and find your place in the world. I know it is illegal under the Taliban to dress up as a boy, but I'm sure you will be okay. In the end, it is your decision, but I think it will help you grow up. Good luck and keep your head high. Sincerely, Sky

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