The Brain

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Human Anatomy

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The Brain

The human brain is an intricately woven mass of fibers and cells, infinite in complexity. Divided into two cerebral hemisphers (left and right) and connected by the corpus callosum, each hemisphere is responsible for particular tasks.


Neurolinguistics: study of the brain function and its effect on language

The Brain

Name: ..Cheryl Babcock....... Date: ..June 12, 2014..........

Cases of aphasia have been recorded for thousands of years. Prior to modern technology and brain imaging, linguists would use cases studies and record their findings, all indicating that language development occurs in the left side of the brain. Brain imaging has allowed researchers to physically view the activity of the brain and localize where different aspects of language development occur. By identifying the location and severity of the lesion, and then observing the patient, researchers can tie areas of the brain to their functions in language.

Studying Aphasia

Linguists have long used aphasia, or language disorder, to understand language development in the brain. There are two common types of aphasia: Braco's Aphasia and Wernicke's Aphasia. Braco's Aphasia results in patients who omit funtion words while Wernicke's Aphasia tend to mix up content words. That is, they will replace content words with similar words in the same category. Aphasia has aided linguists in their discovery of the human brain and its role in language development.


Specific Language Impairment


The Critical Period

Children with specific language impairment (SLI) have no brain lesions but sttruggle with different parts of speech, including function words and verb conjugation. In these cases, language can develop improperly while not affecting intelligence.

Contrary to SLI patients, savants lack the basic abilities to take care of themselves but show ingenious ability in other aspects. Language savants have an in-depth understanding of their language and other languages, but cannot complete equally complex tasks in other fields.

The critical period is a time during cognitive development when a language can be acquired rather easily. For most, this would refer to first language acquisition seen in a young child.

Other forms of language disorders



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