The Brain and your Child's Language Development

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The Brain and your Child's Language Development

Left & Right Brain

The Critical Period

Overview of Language Development

The brain is the most complex organ of the body. The brain can be broken into two hemispheres - right and left hemisphere. Each side of the brain controls different functions of the body (see picture below). For most of the population, the left side of the brain controls language use. If specific parts of the brain are damaged before, during, or after birth, your child may experience difficulties based on the side and area of the brain effected.Each child goes through a critical period of development from birth to middle childhood where language acquisition is critical. From the time a child is born, he or she is learning language. Children do not need explicit language instruction to develop, but they do require exposure to language for the process to happen naturally. Children deprived of language exposure during this period tend to show atypical patterns relating to the "sides" of the brain. You can foster language development in your child by reading to him or her on a regular basis. Watch the videos and explore the links to learn more about your child's brain and language development. ~Ms. Frey

Language and the Brain

Dyslexis and The Brain

The Critical Period

For more information on Early Childhood

Development of the Brain go to:

The Brain and Your Child's Language Development

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Information gathered from "An Introduction to Language" - 9th Edition


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