The brain and language

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The brain and language

Aphasialanguage disorder resulting from brain damage

Localization: different human cognitive abilities and behaviors are localized in specific parts of the brain

Chapter 2Brain & Language

Both hemispheres communicate with each other, joined by the corpus callosum.

The storehouse of our memories

by Emily Wolfe

Broca's and Wermicke's are two key areas of the cortex related to language processing. When the Broca areas are damaged, it causes labored speech and difficulty finding words. Most often, language is agrammatic, lacking articles, prepositions, pronouns, auxiliary verbs, and other function words. When the Wernicke areas are damaged, patients speak fluently with good intonation, but they lack semantics. They often produce jargon and nonsense words that do not make sense in the sentence. This proves that different damage areas result in different linguistic impairments

Genie's story

The left hemisphere is lateralized for language, not simply for hearing or speech, while the right hemisphere is superior for nonverbal communication.

Critical Period(linked to brain lateralization)time between birth and middle childhood, children need to be exposed to language in order to fully acquire the grammar of language and develop normally

There is new technology using MRI, PET scans, and more to research how language and the brain are connected.

Not only are we studying language in humans, but animals learn language in simliar ways!



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