The Boys Who Challenged Hitler

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The Boys Who Challenged Hitler

This book is about a group of high school age boys in Denmark who sabotage Nazi supplies and steal their weapons. The book is told from the perspective of the boy who started the club with his brother, Knud Pederson. The boys are sabotaging because Denmark's army and government surrendered to the Nazi rule. Some, but not all Danes are angered by the alliance between their country and Germany. No one is doing anything about it and the group of boys, who call themselves The Churchill Club, decide they will fight back. Eventually they are caught and put in jail. When they are finally released the boys realize their heroic acts have caused their nation to awaken. Many other people began to sabotage. The Churchill club boys are national heroes.



The boys of the Churchill club do not want the Germans to occupy Denmark. They are trying to fight back and keep up with school without being caught.

Who's it About?

The story was told through the perspective of Knud Pederson, one of the founding members of the Churchill Club.The Churchill Club was designed to sabotage the Germans.

Aalborg, Denmark from spring 1941-Fall 1942Nyborg State Prison from Fall 1942-Summer 1944Aalborg, Denmark again after 1944

I would recommend this book to someone who generally does not enjoy nonfiction. This book is more action filled than general nonfiction books. If it weren't for the dates and the sections where it gave greater detail on things mentioned in the book, it would be easy to forget it is fiction.



The Churchill club had eight founding members. They were all between seventh and ninth grade. Over time they gained more members, three of which were all older. When they are convicted they are seperated into three prison facilities. The youngest member could not be tried as an adult and was forced to spend time in a juvenile correction facility. The three older members have to spend five to five in a half years in a state facility. The ages between are sent to Nyborg State Prison for their sentences.

Important Information

This was taken from an exagerated American comic about the boy saboteurs.

The Boys Who Challenged HitlerBy Phillip Hoose


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