The Boy Who Dared

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The Boy Who Dared

Author nameSusan Campbell Bartoletti

SummaryThis story is about a little boy that is not Jewish named Hemulth. Helmuth is young but very brave. But he is scared to express his feelings towards Adolf Hitler.He doesn't like the fact that many people fear Hitler. Which is why he wants to rebel against Hitler.

Main CharactersHelmuth- a young boyHitler- strongest man in Germany

ConflictHelmuth,the young boy, is trying to stand up against Hitler, because he doesn't like what Hitler is doing.

The Boy Who Dared


ThemeThe theme of this story is to stand up for what you believe in, no matter what the circumstances are.

Opinion & RecomendationIt was an okay book, I wouldn't recomend it to anyone because its boring, takes a long time to get to the point, and it is very hard to tell who is talking at times.

Susan Campbell Bartoletti


Favorite Line"Maybe it's for the best" -Page:124


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