The Boy Who Dared

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The Boy Who Dared

The Boy Who Dared

A novel written by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Helmuth Hubener

For today Gemany shall hear us and tomorrow the entire world. ~Helmuth Hubener

PlotIt begins in Nazi Germany when Hitler rises to power promising the land full recovery of the economy after WWIand promises the gemans that there will be no unemployment or inflation.When growing up, Helmuth Hubener has heard both both opinions for and against Hitler. Helmuth didn't understand why Hitler wanted to invade other countries and send cruel messages about there people and lifestyle. Over time, Helmuth sees his jewish friend being beat up and taken away by Nazi soldiers. Helmuth is still confused due to these horrific acts. He then becomes suspicious on why the Nazi's aretreting the Jews this way and having high standards for the german citizens. Helmuth discovers his older brother's radio which has illegal channels on it. So at night, Helmuth would sneak to the kitchen and listen to the BBC's news channel and was exposed to the outside world and found out the truth about what was going on. But this did not stop him.Helmuth then uses an old typewriter and begin a newsletter that talks about the truth about Hitler due to his research. Others start to realize and agree. But Helmuth is caught and arrested. He is put on a death sentence and talks the audience through what is happening. But does he tell the truth? Does he die pursuing his thoughts and all the vital information he has collected, or does he die in thoughts of regret?

ConclusionMy thoughts on "The Boy Who Dared" were all good! I really enjoyed reading this book and thought that Susan Bartoletti wrote it in a intresting way the way it was formatted. She did a really good job in including imagery because you could really see what it was like duing that time and how tricky it was to get away with stuff like Helmuth did risking his life. The only thing I would change is being able to see what his parents thought about this and how they felt, even though they didnt know most of the stuff he did. Other than that, I loved the book and will definitely be recommending this to others!


Susan Bartoletti


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