The Boy Who Dared

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The Boy Who Dared

Helmuth Hubener This boy was the main character of the book The Boy Who Dared but was based on a real story and helmuth was a german boy who soon found out that his leader Adolf Hitler was a murder, a hater of the Jewish people but helmuth was against this thought and did dangerous things but those things had a price and saddly helmuth died from his actions .

CharctersEmma (mother)Hugo (stepfather)Hans (brother)Gerhard (brother)Oma (grandma)Opa (grandad)Karl (friend)Rudi (friend)Helmuth

The Boy Who Dared

This video talks about the book The Boy Who Dared.

These are Helmuths friendsKarl (left) Helmuth (middle) Rudi (right)

This is Helmuth's death certificate when he got decapitated in prison in the year of 1942.

Adolf HitlerThis person was a murderer, troubled man and thought he could persuade german people to go against the jewish race.

The book The Boy Who Dared is book about this amazing boy who did amazing things and sometimes did things he wasn't aloud to but he had a opinion about Hitlers ran page over german so he made choices that did a dent in germany but had consequences and those consequences were deadly (literaly).


Settings- oma and opa's house-church-emma's house-Hitler youth group camp-prison-school


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