The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas

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The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas

In 1942 Brunos family gets a visit from Hitler and Ralf, Brunos father, gets a promotion and the family moves to Aushwitz near a concentration camp. Bruno goes exploring and discovers what he thinks is a farm and he meets a boy his age named Shmual and they become friends. Everyday Bruno goes to visit Shmual to play. Soon Bruno learns about how Shmual is not allowed to leave the farm and that his father Ralf is apart of keeping Shmual in the farm because he is a jew. Bruno is told that all jews are bad but bruno doesnt believe that. Brunos mother learn of how people are being burned inside the camp and she gets very depressed and decides that she is going to move to her aunts with Bruno and his sister, so bruno rushes to tell Shmual and he finds out that Shmuals father is missing so Bruno and Shmual come uo with a plan to sneak Bruno into the camp and when they do Bruno and they rest of the jews in Shmuals hut are gathered into a room, little did they know it was a gas chamber.

BOOK TITLEThe Boy in the Striped Pajamas



The book takes place in Nazi Germany in a place called Aushwitz in 1942.


AUTHORJohn Boyne

RECOMMENDATIONI recommend this book because it is a great way to learn how it was on the concentration camp.


Kiley Stone8th period


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